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  1. Red Currants: The "Other" Red Berry

    Red Currants: The "Other" Red Berry
     Red currant berries aren’t widely known, but they are incredibly useful in so many different ways. Most people recognize them for their use in making red wine. But they have other great uses as well. For one, they are extremely healthy for you and, little known fact, they are related to gooseberries. Currants either look like small red grapes  ...
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  2. All About Sandalwood!

    All About Sandalwood!
    A Sandalwood Tree A Sandalwood Tree Many people have heard of sandalwood as a scent. But not many people know where it comes from or what it can be used for. To help shed some light on what all the fuss is about concerning Sandalwood scented candles, here is a brief breakdown on what Sandalwood is...
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  3. The Most Romantic Scents

    The Most Romantic Scents
    Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Leaving many people to wonder how they are going to make this year's Valentine’s Day better than last year's. To assist in your hunt for fun and romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, here are some romantic scents to think about trying. Each one scientifically proven to spice up your romantic evening and bring you and your Valentines...
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  4. How to Pick the Best Scents For Your Room

    How to Pick the Best Scents For Your Room
    Every room is different. Which means, every room needs its own unique fragrance. This can be tough, because there are thousands of different soy candle scents. You don't want a floral scent with in a room made for sailing and you don't want a sea breeze scent for a room that is dedicated to your favorite motorcycles. So, here are...
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  5. How To Spring-ify Your Home!

    How To Spring-ify Your Home!
    It’s officially spring time and with that comes sweet scents, great walking weather, and warm relaxing evenings. Spring weather is enjoyed by many people in the United States. To school children, it is a sign that summer break is only a few months away. To adults, its a sign that your gardens are about to produce some fruits and vegetables...
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