It is winter time which means it is time for rain, snow, sleet, hail, cold and a lot of hours spent inside wishing for sunnier weather. This is the time of year when many people go to the tropics for a few weeks (or months) and enjoy the nice warm sunshine on beautiful sandy beaches. But don't worry! There might be a solution. Many people try to obtain this perpetual feeling of sunshine and happiness by decorating a room in their house to feel, look, and smell like a beach. With a little paint and some proper decor you can make any room into your own private summer home. Here’s how!

Tip #1 - Plants.

You want to make sure that your room feels like a beach. This can be achieved by using a variety of plants. For example - palms. These trees are practically synonymous with beaches and tropical weather. Another great plant to include would be Bird of Paradise. This plant is perfect for adding some color to your room. They usually come in bright colors and can help accent other colors in your room too.


Tip #2 - Decor.

The second thing you need to focus on is the look of your room. You’ll want to stick to tropical colors (blues, yellows, greens, etc.) A good place to start is by painting the walls with either a blue or white color. Another good idea is to sponge paint. I know sponge painting is kind of an old technique from the 90s, but as long as you don’t go crazy, it can help your room feel like an ocean or sky.

Obviously blue paint isn’t going to be enough to make the room feel like a beach, so it’s important to implement some items that would enhance the beach feel of the room. For example, seashells, beach towels, wicker furniture, or you can even personalize it with some pictures of you and your loved ones at the beach. Bright colored, beach themed throw pillows are also another great piece of decor to use. Honestly, the options are endless in this area. Just as long as you stick with a theme and consistent color scheme, you’ll be fine!

Tip #3 - Tropical Candle Scents.

The third and final piece to this beach theme puzzle is the scent of the room. It is a simple detail, but it can make all the difference. The best way to accomplish this is with some scented candles. Don’t use cheap paraffin candles that burn out quickly. Not only do they have terrible scents they also pollute your home with nasty carbon monoxide. Use all-natural, soy candles instead. They are cleaner and longer lasting. Three great scents to pick from would be Mango Lassi, Oasis, and Sea Breeze. Just one of these candles would be a perfect pick to acc-scent your room! (You know you like the pun!)

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And that should do it! Stick to these three tips on beach themed home decorating and it won’t matter what kind of weather it is outside. You will have a nice beach front to visit everyday in your own home.