Soy candles are gaining popularity in many areas across the United States. This movement to use these types of candles has led people to ask the question "Why are soy candles better than regular candles?" Well, there are several reason why so many people are turning to soy candles as their candle of choice.

1. Little to no harmful emissions.

Regular candles (a.k.a. paraffin candles) are made from petroleum. Yes, the same chemical compound you use to fill your car is also used to make candles. The interesting thing is that when petroleum is set on fire it gives off a gas called carbon monoxide. When you light a paraffin candle that gas you are smelling is actually the same thing. Several studies have shown that paraffin candles produce the same amount of carbon monoxide emissions as the average vehicle.

This is one major reason why soy candles are becoming popular. The 100% soy candles produce 0 emissions. In fact, the wax in some brands of soy candles is so pure that when it is melted it can actually be used a lotion. This little characteristic alone is enough to show why people are starting to prefer soy candles over paraffin candles. But lets take a quick look at a couple of other reasons too.

2. Longer lasting.

Another solid reason why soy candles are gaining in popularity is because, on average, soy candles last longer 30-40% longer than regular candles. That's a big jump! People aren't just buying soy candles because they look good. They are buying them because they are saving money!

3. No difference in price.

There is virtually no difference in price when it comes to paraffin candles and soy candles. Statistically soy candles have been shown to be the same price plus the extra benefits.

I think it is safe to say that soy candles are not like regular candles at all. They do not pollute your house, they last longer, and they are the same price. There is no downside to purchasing soy candles, only advantages. It's no wonder why the rest of the world is buying soy candles over regular candles.