Mother’s day can sneak up on you in a hurry, which means many stores are filled with last minute shoppers trying to find that perfect something for their respective mothers. Mother’s day, just like many other holidays, tends to creep up on us like a panther. It just gets closer and closer until it pounces! Well, here are five of the best last minute Mother’s Day gifts that most moms will love! And remember, the one thing that any mother loves (and is guaranteed to get them to cry tears of joy) is a handwritten note explaining why they mean so much to you. Be sure to follow up any of these gifts with a handwritten note, either on a piece of paper or inside a Hallmark card, and you will be golden!

1. The Gift Card

If your mom is anything like my mom, she is hard to shop for. But not because she is picky, but because she would be happy with anything. The best answer to this is a gift card to somewhere that you know she loves. This can be a restaurant, store, golf course - anything really. Just make sure its a place she really loves.

2. The Groupon

Groupon always has great deals and almost every week they are selling something that is last minute gift appropriate - like a free massage. I’m sure if you bought your mother a massage it would pretty much guarantee you a spot in the higher hierarchy of favorite children.

3. The Subscription

Give her a gift that keeps on giving, like a subscription to her favorite magazine or an online service like Netflix or Amazon Prime. There are a plethora of subscriptions out there. Pick any field that your mother is interested in and get a subscription for it. This gift is not only thoughtful, but it keeps on giving all year!

4. The Lunch Date

Take her out to her favorite lunch spot. Most moms just love spending time with their kids and conversating about their lives. She’d be happy for a chance to spend some time with you! So, keep that in mind.

5. The Flowers

If none of these above options are something you think your mother would enjoy, than your failsafe option is a nice bouquet of flowers. Your mother is a woman and if one thing is consistent with most women it is that they love flowers. Give her a bouquet of flowers and a card and you will be good to go!

Remember, the important part of the gift is the card with the handwritten note. If you forget to put that in there, your mom will know that you didn’t really put a lot of thought into your gift. So, keep that in mind and have a happy Mother’s day!