relax on the cheap
It is officially the month of April and we are 4 months into the year with summer only 2 months away. Everybody is looking forward to going on vacation and taking some time off. Which is good, but what can you do to relax now? More importantly, what can you do to relax now on a small budget? Well, lets take a look at our top 3 places to relax on the cheap.

1. The Park

Not every state in the U.S. has beaches or mountains, but every state does have it’s fair share of parks. If you want to make a day of it, you can pack a lunch or if you want to just go for a couple hours you can enjoy a park bench with a view. If you have children, you can let them run around on the playsets too, while you enjoy the fresh air.

2. The Library

Yes, they still exist, despite the rise of the internet. Bring a thermos of home brewed coffee, find a book or magazine, and enjoy the silence of your local library. It’s like going to Barnes and Noble, without having to thumb through an overpriced book while sitting in an uncomfortable chair. In fact, some libraries even come equipped with couches!

3. The Bath

Send the kids to your parents house for an evening, light a few scented soy candles, and enjoy a relaxing evening in your own home. To boost the experience, put on some smooth jazz or some soothing piano music. This will ensure optimal relaxing levels that will help you drift away into absolute solace.

The next time you are looking to get away, but don’t have the money, remember these three tips! They are sure to give a head start on what to do for your next respite.

What are some inexpensive ways that you relax? Let us know in the comments section of our Facebook page!