Spring time means people are on a mission to start their gardening plans. If you are looking for a way to get a garden of your own, we have you covered. This guide will assist you in starting on the right path.

1. What to plant.

It is important to ask yourself "What do I want from my garden?". The way to answer this is to think of all the vegetables you use the most. For my garden, my wife and I like to use peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, and herbs in our meals. So, that's what we decided to plant. Think of which items you like to cook with and start there.

2. What to buy.

Now that you know what you want plant in your garden, the next obvious step is to buy the seeds. But beyond that you'll want to purchase a few tools to get the ground ready. Among those tools I recommend buying a spade shovel, a hoe, and a garden rake. You shouldn't need anything else beyond that unless you are wanting to something more elaborate than clearing weeds.

3. What to do.

Now you have all the makings of a garden, it is time to put it all to good use. Start by measuring and marking where you want your garden to go. For us, we put it on the side of our house. Be sure to leave about 2 feet in between each row that you plant. When you plant your seeds, be sure to dig wholes that are about as deep as your thumb. This will ensure that they don't get dug up or anything. After that just be sure to water regularly and keep an eye on everything.

And that should be enough to get you started this spring. For more further tips and information I would ask around at your local hardware store, preferably in the outdoor and gardening section. What are some of your tips and tricks? Let us know on our Facebook page and lets talk!