sunshine sundress
These days many more people get to enjoy driving to work in the light. It’s not dark as late in the day as it used to be. More than being slightly better for early workers, it means that summer is quickly approaching. Isn't it nice that the sun has finally decided to hang out it with us?

This is the time of the year that we start to think about spring cleaning. It is a great time to bust out the vacuum, Windex, wood polish and rubber gloves! It can be nice to open up the windows and let the great outdoors come inside. Here are some great ideas for spring cleaning:

1. Get an early start! Sometimes a really clean house can take several attempts. Start on it right away and don't let it drag on.

2. Open up the house. Let the doors and windows stay open and bring in the wonderful scents of the great outdoors!

3. Start on small projects first. Don't get bogged down working on the hardest things. Start with reasonable goals and go from there.

4. Buddy up! Get your friends on board and you could even consider house swapping and letting your friends clean your house. The accountability can be helpful.

Don't get discouraged! It is wonderful to start the year with a clean house.