cabn fever
With the holidays behind us and March on the near horizon cabin fever is setting in fast. The cold, rainy weather makes outdoor adventures uninviting and even when the sun comes out, the chilly air prevents many from leaving the home. So much time spent indoors calls for crafts and a little in-home sprucing. Luckily, we have new ideas to help with this season's cabin fever.

1. The fireplace replacement: Burning wood in your fireplace all winter long isn't always an option, or perhaps you've dwindled

your kindling supply. Filling a fireplace with an arrangement of candles including different sizes and complementary scents, can still give you that cozy feeling you crave, but with a new creative touch. The dancing flames from multiple candles in a fireplace is such a unique to provide the sentiment of winter while also minimizing heat as the weather begins to warm!

2. Seasonal Decorating: Valentines day may have passed but don't put those delightful votives away just yet! That Blood Orange candle that your loved-one lit for you on the romantic holiday is also perfect for welcoming spring. You can pair any of your sweet burning keepsakes with a vase of seasonal flowers, for bright green marbles in honor of St. Patricks day. Mixing your favorite scents with accent colored vases or even new textures such as colored sand is an excellent way to brighten up any room and set the mood for the seasonal change.

3. Let them play outside: Many people think their candles are best used indoors or left on kitchen tables. But as the sun begins to peak out and the ground begins to dry, take your illuminating treats to the outdoors. The tin collection candles are a perfect outdoor candle! You can enjoy an afternoon tea by arranging them on a cake stand or even tea plates. Or you can light-up the pathway to your home so guests feel cozy before they even reach your front door. Outdoor usage is also perfect for early spring as it provides just a little more warmth in the fresh, cool air.

These new and exciting crafts can help cure any cabin fever on a rainy day and prepare your home for blooms of spring!