Dinner-for-two. This classically romantic effort brings countless images of elegant dining beauty to mind. Whether it’s an exquisite candle-lit dinner shared by two, or the Lady and the Tramp image of two young lovers sharing spaghetti, everyone at one time or another tries to imagine the perfect dinner for them and their significant other. Perhaps it may be best to run into town for dinner, but there are other times you will want the authenticity of preparing a meal at home for your loved one. Here are some tips, for those who are looking for new and creative ways to make a dinner at home more unique and special.
1. Find a corner
Its easy to spend all of your time at home in just a couple spots like your recliner, kitchen table, and bedroom. Look for a lesser-used corner of your home, and see if you can decorate it to give some new atmosphere to your meal. You could easily arrange dinner in a corner of your living room or beside your fire. Bring in a small table, several fun chairs, and you have suddenly broken the norm of eating at the kitchen or dining room. This can also be a fantastic opportunity to spruce up and decorate some of the nooks and crannies of your house.

2. Go outside
Sometimes we feel like we can only have a meal if we have a perfectly maintained yard. This simply need not be the case. Put up a table on your porch and bring in some potted plants to give yourself a feeling of isolation and beauty. Or, ditch the porch and find a spot under a tree. Quickly stringing up Christmas tree lights will give a whole new ambience to the area. Do you have an arbor? Set your meal up underneath, or behind so that you can look out through your arbor. You’ll find great ways to appreciate your yard if you take a minute to try out new ideas!

3. Go down stairs
Not everyone has a basement, but if you do, take advantage of it. Although basements and cellars can accumulate dirt and odds and ends, they can quickly be swept out and transformed to wine cellars. Bring any wine racks or barrels down, play some ambient music, and enjoy the seclusion of your cellar. Wine racks and barrels are a great thing to keep an eye for online or at your local store.

4. Go Candle Light
Candle lit dinners somehow completely change the atmosphere of a meal. There are many options available, but soy candles have a unique set of features that bring a fantastic ambience of scent and sight to any meal. Not only do they centralize the focus of the evening to the table, they hold a classic romanticism that will make your meal a step above.

5. Replace your table
Its fine to have your dinner in your dining room or kitchen, and it is probably the most prepared location in your house. But if you have a large table suitable for more than 3-4 guests, swap it in favor of a small table. You will enjoy the warmth and intimacy and that a smaller table encourages.

6. Ditch the TV
It can be easy to leave electronics on, like your TV, cell phones, and other devices. Take the lead and ditch the electronics for your date night, your spouse will appreciate it. A strong exception could be setting up some music to play during your meal. Jazz, classics like Frank Sinatra, or the love songs you and your date grew up listening to are all great options.

Go all out
Dinner may sound like a lot of work, but it will be worth it. Even if every single preparation doesn’t come together perfectly, your significant other will simply enjoy the effort, time, and thought you spent to prepare it. Plus, you’ll enjoy it too! Take some time to plan out your next date night; we know you won’t regret it!